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” beautysecretsforall Winter is upon us here in the northern hemisphere and for many people that means: getting sick, cold or even allergies.
Great thing about nature is that (like I’ve said before), it has your best intention at heart.
The fruits and vegetables that are in season for the winter are meant to provide you with fuel, and energy, while increasing your immunity during the cold months, (higher chances of sickness)!!! Isn’t that amazing?
In the same token, every season has its own special fruits and veggies. For example, summer = HOT temperatures. What do you think should be in season? Well…fruits that are composed of water to keep you hydrated, like watermelon, cucumber, honey dew, tomatoes, etc… You might ask what about those fruits and veggies that are always “in season” like bananas! Well…the thing is the location they come from (warm tropical regions) ARE always in season, so they get imported and are therefore “always in season” OR they’re grown with a lot of treatments & pesticides. Often other locations have the right conditions, and many produce get imported!
It’s beneficial to eat fruits and veggies that are in season at the season you’re in. Not only they taste better (always go for organic), but also they’re meant to be grown during that time. The soil chemistry is the right type for them, the environment is ready for them, and people will be needing them!! ☝️Some of the fruits & veggies you should be consuming during winter are: ginger, oranges/grape fruits/kiwis/persimmons , sweet potatoes/squash… I wrote them like that because they have similar effects:

1️⃣ Ginger: it’s highly anti-pretty much everything! Loaded with nutrients and bio active compounds that help you fight infections and boost your immunity. EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED FOR THE WINTER!
2️⃣ Vitamin C found in persimmon and citrus fruits is going to also keep your immunity raised, as well as heal you while sick!
3️⃣Sweet potatoes and squash: Brrr it’s cold!! You need fuel. You need good fats & carbohydrates to keep your brain & organs alive & functioning, (not just winter either).”

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