Birth Stories

redhead_stories2“There are so few choices available to pregnant women in New Jersey. I knew right from the start that I wanted something different for my pregnancy and birth. A Midwife was clearly the option for me. Judy was the first professional I saw once I learned I was pregnant, and I knew straight away that her methods and approach were what I wanted. She was wonderfully informative, reassuring and knowledgeable throughout my pregnancy. You get so much more one-on-one attention than a traditional Ob/Gyn can offer. There is less emphasis on problems, risks, tests and negativity – it’s a much more natural and wholesome approach, which I appreciated. I wish more people knew about the standard of care a Midwife can provide, and were open to the idea of home birth. When we decide to have a second child, I will be calling Judy right away!”
–Marie T.

“Do we seem like homebirth fanatics? Actually it took us a long time to make the decision to have PB at home. We did a lot of research and had conversations with several midwives. We looked at hospitals. Judy provided us with a lot of information about homebirth and related issues and this helped decision making too. We definitely made a fully informed and good decision to have the baby at our place. Now we have become supporters of homebirth because of the experience we had and everything we have learned.”
–Penelope K.

“The two best days of my life were my home births. Without a doubt, having a baby in the warmth and security of home was the best decision that I’ve made, not only for me and my newborns but for the entire family. What a blessing to find someone with the skill, compassion, and knowledge as Judy Hagan — she really has it all.”
–Ellen W.

“As a university student in the nursing program, I was introduced to the woman-centered support for the natural birthing process that a midwife could give. Once I was working in Labor/Delivery in a hospital it confirmed my choice of a home-birth with midwives as I value the calm, personal setting surrounded by my family to labor and birth.”
–Karla G.


“I was so fortunate to find Judy to attend my 3rd birth. Prenatal visits were no longer just about my blood pressure and weight. She counseled me as a whole person; emotions, uterus and all! She has the perfect balance of medical expertise and trust in a woman’s ability to give birth without intervention. If anything had gone wrong, I knew Judy would be there to calmly get me through it. Fortunately I had a peaceful, gentle water birth and my 9-pound son was born with no assistance aside from the loving encouragement of Judy, her assistant and my husband. My son’s birth was a right of passage, not a medical event. By simply allowing me to labor and birth on my own she gave me the gift of empowerment and confidence. I will always be grateful for Judy and hope other people are inspired to think ‘outside’ the hospital. You won’t regret it.”
–Jillian S.

“The prenatal and postpartum care that I received from Judy is especially worth noting. In my visits prior to the home birth, Judy was consistently thorough in her examinations and patient with my questions and fears (as this was my 1st pregnancy). I never felt rushed during these appointments. Instead, I felt as though Judy was truly present to me, always having my best interest (and that of my baby’s) at heart. The same can be said for Judy’s postpartum follow up in the days and weeks after my daughter was born. Judy went above and beyond many times for our family. Judy truly guided us in our first hours and days as new parents to Isabella. Additionally, Judy made many preparations to facilitate the healing of my body after my fast and intense labor. She made our family a priority in all of our dealings with her, taking the time to genuinely connect with us as individuals. I respect, trust and feel so confident in Judy that I am excited for her to be a part of the little blessings that we hope are yet to come.”
–Lauren W.

“After careful consideration, my wife and I decided to have our second child at home, and my wife diligently interviewed several home birth midwives for the task. After our first meeting with Judy, it was clear to us that we had found a kindred spirit and that Judy was the clear choice to assist us with the birth. I was impressed not only by Judy’s substantial experience, but frankly I was astonished at her genuine caring for my wife and I and the experience that we sought to achieve. The level of caring and service that Judy and her team provided were nothing short of extraordinary, and a far cry from level of attention and care we received in a hospital environment. I write this testimonial, not only out of a tremendous sense of gratitude for Judy and her care of my wife and son, but also with a sense of excitement that I may play a small role in influencing someone else to upgrade their birth experience by availing themselves of her services.”
–Tom M.