On the Importance of Good Nutrition in the First Trimester

The cellular structure of your baby’s body, blood, bones, brain and other organs are being formed in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Your baby’s brain development begins three weeks after you conceive and will continue throughout its lifetime.

Even though your baby’s organs are present by the twelfth week, they are not fully developed or functional until the last trimester. This means that a continual flow of good nutrition throughout pregnancy will help each organ and system grow strong.
Your placenta also depends on good nutrition to develop normally. Keep in mind that your placenta continues to grow until about the 36th week of your pregnancy.

Did you know…
Your hungry, growing baby is depending on a healthy placenta to transfer nutrients and oxygen to it.

Here’s How It Works:
When the concentration of nutrients is higher in your (the mother’s) blood than in your baby’s blood, nutrients from your last meal pass through the placenta directly into your baby’s bloodstream.

Here’s How It Doesn’t Work So Well:
Inadequate nutrition in the first trimester, or any time in pregnancy, may interfere with the placenta developing normally. If the placenta is not big and healthy, no matter how much you eat later, your baby may not receive optimal nourishment. Also, a placenta that is not healthy can lead to complications in labor.

So feed your baby and your placenta well!

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