The following birth-related professionals come highly recommended by Babycatcher Midwives.

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”
-John H. Kennell, MD

What is a doula?
Giving birth to a baby is so much more than a physical phenomenon; it engages parents-to-be in a transformational experience, a key life event full of emotion and meaning. A doula who accompanies a woman in labor mothers the mother, taking care of her emotional needs throughout childbirth. A doula also provides support and suggestions for partners that can enhance their experiences of birth. A postpartum doula continues that valuable emotional support and guidance, helping a family make a smooth transition into new family dynamics.
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  • Gabrielle Carpenter · 201-343-1390
  • Crystal Aprile · 973-943-6163
  • Stephanie Chang · 973-271-1081
  • Caitlin Wagner · 973-459-177

Childbirth Educators

We encourage all first time mothers to education themselves about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Not only will childbirth classes educate you about what to expect, it will help you move through the process with confidence and the support of not only your partner, family and midwife, but also your childbirth educator. You will also have the opportunity to spend time with and get to know other couples who are also going through this wonderful experience.

Birth Photography

Recommended Pediatricians

  • Dr. Howard Schlachter MD · 228 Roseland Avenue, Essex Fells, NJ 01021
  • Dr. Victoria Shluper MD · 101 Madison Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960
  • Whole Child Center / Dr. Rosen · Oradell, NJ · 201-634-1600
  • Carl Battista · Oradell, NJ · 201-634-1004
  • Wellness Pediatrics · Sparta, NJ · 973-726-4455
  • Dr. David Bacha, DO · 340 Tenafly Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670


Massage Therapists

While many consider regular massage treatments a luxury or indulgence, more and more people are discovering that this ancient therapeutic modality is a major component of an overall stress-reducing, health-enhancing lifestyle. For individuals with specific health problems, bodywork and massage have become an indispensable component of their complementary health care.

  • Crystal Aprile · 973-943-6163
  • Stephanie Chang · 973-271-1081
  • Robin Harris Rickard CMT · 908-475-4431 · 917-656-8866 ·

Infant Massage

  • Stephanie Chang · 973-271-1081

Breastfeeding Support

  • The Postpartum Place (formerly Lactation Resource Center) · 368 Main Street, Chatham, NJ 07928 · 800-801-MILK ·
  • Mahala Lactation & Perinatal Services · Hackettstown, NJ/Northwest and Central New Jersey, Northeastern New Jersey, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Poconos, Pennsylvania ·



  • Crystal Aprile · 973-943-6163
  • Jennifer O’Hagan · Woodland Naturals · 1300 Hope-Bridgeville Rd (Rt 519), Suite 4B, Hope, NJ 07844 · 908-268-0393 ·

Placental Encapsulation

Pre- and Postnatal Counseling

Well-Woman GYN Care

  • One to One FemaleCare · 111 Madison Avenue, Morristown , NJ 07960 · 973-683-1400


Prenatal Yoga

  • Crystal Aprile · 973-943-6163