As a service to the community, Babycatcher Midwifery once a month has a community childbirth education class at our Rockaway location. This is open to anyone pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.  In this class we discuss preconception care (including nutrition), choices in childbirth, doula support, breastfeeding / bottle, doctor / midwife care, homebirth / hospital birth, waterbirth, and guests are welcome to ask questions.

Our next classes

December 6th Wednesday – Breastfeeding 7:30 – 9:30 PM

December 9th Saturday – Prenatal Yoga 11 AM

December 10th Sunday – Meditation Group 10 AM

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Families planning a home birth, your class will be incorporated into your 36 week home visit.

Classes cover:

  • Physical stages of labor
  • Signs and symptoms in labor
  • Emotional signposts in labor
  • The anatomy of childbirth
  • How to stay healthy and low risk in pregnancy
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • How to be a great coach
  • Comfort methods and coping strategies
  • Relaxation
  • Various labor scenarios and choices
  • Labor rehearsals
  • Birth stories
  • Videos of actual births
  • Protocols in students’ chosen places of birth
  • Birth plans
  • Cesarean section
  • Medical interventions
  • Newborn procedures
  • The postpartum period
  • Breastfeeding